I lived in London in the Fall of 2013, while teaching art in a study abroad program for American students in England (strange that they'd go all the way to England to be taught by other Americans, but who am I to turn down the opportunity to live and work in London for a few months?). Exactly. Below are some of my photographs from my time in London, as well as my travels elsewhere in England: Greenwich, the Lake District, Lewes, Brighton, and the South Downs. You might notice that there are no pictures of the main tourist attractions of London. That wasn't deliberate... but I suppose after being there a while, those things interested me less, and normal life interested me more. There are thus a lot of pictures of the neighborhood I lived in, and other neighborhoods I passed through regularly that became a part of my life during my time there (as well as other places and landscapes that I visited). Besides, you can see pictures of Big Ben anywhere, right? Right. Here is something else. Here are some things that make me think back on my time in England and wish I could have stayed, wish I could return.