Slovenia, November - December, 2013. 
I went to Slovenia in order to be an artist in residence in Lendava, a small town in the eastern part of the country, near the border with Hungary. I traveled around the country first, visiting Ljubljana, Lake Bled, and Skofja Loka, then continued on to Lendava, where I stayed a month, making art (and trying to stay warm, as the studio had no heat!). The images here are my travel images. The actual art I created can be found elsewhere on this site: there is an exhibit/installation entitled "Freeze, Thaw, Begin Again" and a series of photographs called "Plakatiranje". Go see those, too. But here... these are the things I saw and wanted to remember. And in Lendava, these are the things I saw each day: as the weather changed, as frost and fog transformed the landscape, as Christmas drew closer, as I looked below the surface of things and saw aspects of daily life that I would have missed if passing through, but that become central to the experience of a place when I stayed a month, taking long walks and learning to see the small town and the hills and fields and vineyards around it differently with each passing day.