I've been a lot of places, and you get to see what I've seen where I've been. Or at least momentary glimpses from these places.

For what it's worth, I don't think of these images as art, necessarily (to see what I do as art, click the "photography" link above)... at least not in the way that many other types of photographs I make are art... many are just things I've seen that I'd like you to be able to see also. I don't travel to photograph, after all: I travel to gain a greater understanding of what it means to be human in the world, and thus seek to see and do things, to meet people and talk to them, to learn as much as possible about culture and how others see and experience life, what they believe, how they see the world. Yes, I photograph also and photograph frequently, but it's not my main aim or activity when traveling. Usually, if I have to choose between having a fascinating conversation with someone and taking a fascinating picture, I'll choose the conversation. The pictures suffer as a result... but my experience is richer for it. One unintended yet consistent result of that approach, I've realized, is that many of the pictures would benefit tremendously by being accompanied by stories of what happened in these places: who I met, what it felt like to be there, what it sounded like, what it meant. Photography can't communicate all of that information, I know... but stories help. So ask me if you'd like to hear stories. I like telling stories. I can tell stories for days. But for now, here are some pictures.