These images are drawn from various trips across America over the last few years. They've started to make sense to me as a group since getting to Canada, and realizing Canada doesn't do anything like this. The concrete tipi image from Montana, shot in December, was the thing that really got me thinking about this phenomenon, and sent me back through earlier images to see what else might represent the same idea... and how things I've been shooting for a long time, like the church signs, might be recontextualized within this larger sense of American roadside culture. I'm not sure what fits yet, and what doesn't. There's no sequencing yet -- I just uploaded a folder of images. This page isn't linked to the rest of my website... but it seemed like the best way to share what I've been working on. I made small prints of these and they're taped to my wall -- a strange wall of American oddities in the middle of Canada. Let me know what you think.