(a collaboration with Taco van Ieperen)

This installation features three freestanding doors in the landscape. None of the doors open. One has a large number of keys that you can try in the locks. One has many knobs and handles, none of which actually work. One is a locked fire exit, with a functional doorbell that triggers lights, a security camera, and various sound effects (actual doorbell sounds! dogs barking, cows mooing, and roosters crowing! Star Trek transporter noises! silly questions! etc). The doors can be approached from either side, thus calling into question the distinction between inside and outside.

The idea that none of the doors open is the key concept of the project: why try to go through the doors if you can simply go around? And how, metaphorically, does this relate to other aspects of our lives, where we stand in front of things that appear to be limitations and barriers, not realizing that we could simply go around them, and that our ideas about where we are in our lives, what we can and cannot do, might simply be our ideas, and that the world itself might be something with more possibility, fewer limitations, and hopefully a lot of keys and lights and things that go bing! that are fun to play with.

These images show the doors installed at Freezerburn, the Alberta Regional Burning Man festival, in June, 2019.
The installation will travel to Beakerhead in Calgary in September, 2019.

doors night small.jpg

See everyone laughing? It’s fun.